What needs to happen for my horse to be eligible for the Breeders Crown?

A horse bred anywhere in the world can be made eligible for the Breeders Crown, providing the relevant fee schedule is followed.

Stallion Nominations - 1 October

Foal Nominations - 30 June 2021 (starting with horses eligible for series 26)

Yearling or Series Nominations - 31 August

Age Acceptances - 1 March

Stallion Nominations

Studs are required to nominate their stallions for the Breeders Crown if they wish for foal owners to be eligible for reduced Foal Nomination fees.

This nomination is due by 1 October of the foaling year and the relevant charges are invoiced to the stud the following year.

In any Breeders Crown Final, the 'Stallion Nominator' will receive 5% of the prizemoney won by any horse for which they have paid the relevant stallion nomination.

The following fee structure applies:

For stallions registered and standing in Australia or New Zealand for the relevant season (20/21 season):

a. For live foals born in Australia = $A24.20 (includes GST) for each live foal

b. For live foals born in New Zealand = $A22 for each live foal

For stallions registered and standing in the Northern Hemisphere for the relevant season (20/21 season):

Pacing Stallions:

a. A pacing stallion who has 1-16 live foals = $A330 (includes GST) for each live foal

b. A pacing stallion who has 17+ live foals = $A5,500 (includes GST) flat fee

Trotting Stallions:

a. A trotting stallion who has 1-27 live foals = $A198 (includes GST) for each live foal

b. A trotting stallion who has 28+ live foals = $A5,500 (includes GST) flat fee

Foal Nominations

Foal nominations are due by 30 June during the season your foal is born (series 26 will be the 20/21 season).

The following fees apply:

a. If the foal is by a Breeders Crown Eligible Stallion = $A38.50 (includes GST) per mare

b. If the foal is by a non Breeders Crown Eligible Pacing Stallion = $A330 (includes GST) per mare

c. If the foal is by a non Breeders Crown Eligible Trotting Stallion = $A198 (includes GST) per mare

After the 30th of June, late fees are will be applied. Contact HRV Futurities to confirm applicable fee.

Yearling or Series Nominations

Yearling (or Series) nominations are due by 31 August when your horse is a yearling. You must nominate your horse to remain in the series.

The fee to nominate one yearling is $A253.

You may elect at this stage to pay a Series Fee instead of a Yearling Fee.

A Series Fee costs $A704 per horse and replaces the Yearling Fee ($A253), 3YO Age Acceptance Fee ($A451) & 4YO Age Acceptance Fees ($A451) - representing a saving of $A451.

Age Acceptances

Age Acceptances invoices are raised on 1 December and payment due by 31st January. These apply to 3YOs and 4YOs.

If you paid a Series Fee as a yearling, then you do not need to pay any Age Acceptance Fees.

If you did not pay a Series Fee as a yearling you will need to pay Age Acceptance Fees to remain eligible to compete in the Breeders Crown race series.

An Age Acceptance Fee costs $A451 for one year.

If you dchoose to not make your horse eligible for their 3YO season you can still pay up for their 4YO season.

Breeders Crown Graduate Races

A horse will be eligible to contest these Breeders Crown Graduate Races providing a Breeders Crown Yearling Nomination or Series Nomination was paid as a yearling.